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With LNG becoming increasingly viable and popular as a marine  fuel,

E&CO continues to develop technical solutions that facilitate this trend

                                                 E&CO FGSS


E&CO FGSS is a complete fuel gas handling system for LNG fuelled ships and includes the bunkering station, LNG tank and related process equipment as well as the control and monitoring system.


The LNG fuel system can be offered as a standalone product, as well as a part of a complete propulsion system. E&CO can deliver LNG systems for propulsion and power generation for any applicable types of ship or engine.



E&CO’s FGSS(Fuel Gas Supply System) is divided into Low Pressure and High Pressure System.

Low Pressure System is divided into a maximum 9barG and 15barG gas supply pressure, and High Pressure system has a maximum 350barG gas supply pressure.

The Type-C tank is divided into Vacuum(Perlite) insulation and Polyurethane insulation. FGSS requires for LNG vaporize can be installed in the form of a cold box type or skid type to attache directly on the tank. The gas supply operates as an approved Automation System in the Classification with Safety System.

Bunker Station is designed for most efficient bunkering and safety as a First role. The FGSS guarantees exact temperature and pressure of gas supply to a engine and other equipment.

E&CO FGSS can be modified to meet the requirement of each project E&CO’s engineering is performed to meet specific operation requirements and safety from the beginning of the Project.



E&CO’s FGSS can provide all the equipment related from LNG Bunkering to Engine.

Heating Source of FGSS vaporizing can be applicable by Electric, Steam, HT.CW from engine and Sea Water.


- Bunkering Station Package : Cryogenic Valve, Instrument, Cryogenic Hose, ERC, ESD System, SSL

- Type C LNG Fuel Tank : Tank, Cryogenic Valve, Instrument, Submerged Feed Pump

- FGSS : HP Pump, Cryogenic Valve, Instrument, Vaporizer, Compressor, Separator, Glycol Heating System

- Automation System : AMS, Safety System, Gas Detection System, Fire Control System



E&CO can provide FGSS to LNG powered vessel and LNG Power propulsion vessel,

Current references include the following ship types


: Product tanker

  Cruise ferry



  Small ferry





With our innovative ability, we can provide benefits.



- Small FGSS size

  The Minimized size of FGSS which can be installed in a small space.


- Vaporization with HT CW from Engine.

  The engine’s HT CW allows the LNG to NG without electricity or steam.


- Easy to operate Automation System

  Efficient and easy to use automation system by many user experience and know-how

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