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With LNG becoming increasingly viable and popular as a marine  fuel,

E&CO continues to develop technical solutions that facilitate this trend

                                         E&CO POWER PLANT

E&CO Gas Power Solution is economical and eco-friendly natural gas energy source.

We can provide best Gas Power solution such as Power Capacity, Space requirement and usage with minimized environmental impact.


We can provide solutions that meets customer’s needs and conditions such as Gas Fuel, Dual Fuel, Single Cycle, Combine Cycle, Mobile Pac and ETC.

Gen S


The Genset is suitable for flexible load operation, and energy efficiency is as high as

42% ~ 45% even in single cycle. It shows approximately 50% energy efficiency in

Combine Cycle. Although it has a low capex in comparison with Gas Turbine, the maximum output per genset is about 18MW, which requires a large site area because

the required quantity is increased when applied to power plants over 200MW.

The equipment consists of Pressure Regulating System, Genset, Auxiliary Equipment, Exhaust Equipment, Sub-Station and so on. Manufactures of Gensets include Wärtsilä in

Finland and MAN in Germany.

Gas T


The Gas Turbine is suitable for base load operation, and the energy efficiency in single cycle is as low as 35%. In case of Combine cycle, it has 50% of energy efficiency, so most of the power plants using Gas Turbine are operating as

Combine cycle. Although it has a high capex in comparison with Genset, the maximum output per gas turbine is 250MW or more. When applied to a power plant with 200MW or more, only one or two units can be used, thus requiring

a small area compared to the Genset. The equipment consists of pressure regulating system, Gas turbine, Auxiliary equipment, Exhaust equipment, Sub-station and so on. The representativ Gas Turbine producers are Simens of

Germany and GE of USA.

key B




- MW-DF Engine Model Graph from Wärtsilä

- Appropriate models can be selected according 

  to the capacity and space.

- MW-Gas Tubine Model Graph from Siemens

- Appropriate models can be selected according

  to the capacity and space.

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