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Site Visit - 20MW Electric Power Supply(North Kalimantan, Indonesia)

E&CO performed site survey 20MW Power plant at Tarakan area and reviewed progress on the project. The morning began with an informal introduction over tea and coffee presentation from C.E.O Song Byung-Geun on the PT. Cahaya Sakti. Mr. Song said “The 20MW Tarakan Power plant will be the first large scale independent power producer (IPP) based on EPC project in Tarakan.”

The agreement for the Tarakan EPC project was signed on September 2017, Due to a tight power supply and demand balance, Power produced from the Tarakan power plant can be supplied to around 20 thousand households simultaneously, which will ensure a stable supply to the industrial complex at Tarakan.

CEO, Song, Byung-Geunsaid that "We are very proud of participating in the development of Indonesia's electric power industry. We will do our best so that the Tarakan Power Plant can be a best power plant model in Indonesia."

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