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E&CO continues to award contracts for various type of SKIDs

LNG를 포함한 초저온가스 펌프 분야에서 업계를 리드하고 있는 미국의 ACD(CIK)로부터 의뢰받은 Pump Skid 납품을 시작으로, 디에이치콘트롤스의 Valve Test Skid, 스칸젯매크론의 BOG Handling Skid를 수주하는 등 E&CO의 SKID Engineering 및 제작능력을 인정받고 있으며, 납품 후 고객만족도가 높아 기존 거래업체의 추가 물량 문의가 지속적으로 들어오고 있다.

Starting with the delivery of Pump Skid ordered from ACD(CIK) on Feb 2018, ACD is the global leading company in the field of cryogenic gas pump, E&CO awarded the contract with DH Controls for Valve Test Skid and Scanjet Macron for BOG Handling Skid. E&CO’s design and production capability for the skid is known as the high quality with competitive price, and customers are highly satisfied and keep making additional inquiries/contracts for the skid.

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