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Business Cooperation Agreement (BCA) between E&CO and S&SYS

E&CO는 2019년 4월10일 삼성중공업으로부터 분사한 컨트롤시스템업체인 S&SYS와 BCA(Business Cooperation Agreement) 협약을 체결하였다. S&SYS는 삼성중공업 기전팀에서 2017년 독립한 기업으로, 조선해양분야에서 20년이상 축적한 기술과 노하우를 기반으로 선박평형수처리 시스템, 선박자동화시스템, 배전반 등과 같은 핵심 기자재 개발을 전문으로 하는 업체이다. 금번 협약은 점차 강화되는 환경규제에 따라, 최근 각광받고 있는 FGSS(Fuel Gas Supply System)사업을 공동으로 진행하는데 목적이 있으며, 금번 협약을 통해 양사가 가진 노하우를 활용하여 최상의 FGSS System을 제공, 향후 FGSS시장을 선도해 나갈 것이라 자신한다.

On April 10th 2019, E&CO signed a BCA (Business Cooperation Agreement) with S&SYS, a control system company which spun-off from Samsung Heavy Industries in 2017. Based on technologies and know-how accumulated over 20 years in the shipbuilding and marine field, S&SYS has been developing key equipment such as BWTS (Ballast Water Treatment System), Ship Automation System and Switchgear to clients all over the worlds. The agreement aims to jointly promote to the FGSS (Fuel Gas Supply System) market, which has a great potential demand with reinforced environmental regulation. Through this agreement, E&CO and S&SYS will provide the best FGSS system by collaborating and utilizing their know-how and technical capability, and they are confident that they will lead the FGSS market.

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