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E&CO has Signed MOU on Indonesia EPC Project with PT. IBRIS Group(Jakarta,Indonesia)

E&CO (CEO Song Byung-Geun) and PT. IBRIS Group signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in Indonesia onJULY 14, 2017. The MOU lays out a comprehensive, multi-faceted business cooperation framework in areas such as engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). In particular, both companies will collaborate on Electric Power plant and establish a strong partnership in exploring Indonesia market. E&CO CEO, Song Byung-Geun mentioned, "As a strategic partner, E&CO will provide substantive cooperation and support to PT. IBRIS Group with regards to the EPC business as well as for future business ventures. I expect PT. IBRIS Group to cooperate as an excellent guidance and a partner for E&CO to make an inroad into the Indonesia market.”

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